We have brought together what we think is the best collection of local producers providing us with quality, consistency and complete traceability, giving us full confidence in everything we sell.


BEEF – Norfolk Farms

Our beef is always of the highest welfare and always from Norfolk Farms, guaranteeing low food miles and the finest quality.  The beef is delivered directly to the shop from the abattoir and then hung for 21 days before it is cut, giving it superior taste and tenderness; we hang our steaks and ribs for a further 7 days to give the perfect finish. Feel free to ask in store where our beef is from this week.


PORK – Morley’s Farm, South Creake, Fakenham

Our pork is from the Allen family, they are the fourth generation of the family to breed pigs on the farm. Their pork is all outdoor reared, Red Tractor Assured, RSPCA and Freedom Food inspected so quality and standards are very high. They use three traditional breeds; Large White, Landrace and Duroc which gives them the perfect combination of quality pork with a nice layer of fat with plenty of taste.